How Can A Writing Coach Help You?

A Writing Coach Gives a Second Opinion

It's hard to write in a vacuum. You have to come up for air some time. So, unless you're writing a work for your eyes only, you'll not only want but need a second opinion. Our writing coaches are here to help you through the writing process.

A Writing Coach Encourages

Our writing coaches simply love every thing and anything to do with writing. So, we welcome anyone who wants to join the community of writers.  We encourage you to write as often as you can, even if you don't like what you write at first. Get in the habit of writing daily. 

A Writing Coach Offers Expertise

Our writing coaches have dedicated their lives to writing. Some of us have started as early as eight years old. Some of us are journalists, some teachers, others editors, and still others, published authors. We simply love writing and want to share what we have learned with you.

A Writing Coach Offers Feedback

Chances are that friends will say that your book  is "great". But, don't you really want to know what others think? Your writing coach will provide constructive and positive feedback and will help you target areas in your writing that can be improved. And, as we writers know, writing can always be improved!

A Writing Coach Has Been There

Our writing coaches are people who not only write for fun but also write for a living. Some of us have been teachers of writing, others published authors, and still others, ghostwriters. We are delighted to share our expertise with you! We can't wait to learn about your project.

Ask About Our Coaching Packages

Please contact us with details about your work, whether it is a book, short story, article, or poem, and we will tailor a special coaching package for you.

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